SUCCEED Program is
1. Extra time to do extra better
2. Substitute for the traditional tuition
3. Conducted live by creative teachers from all across
The program is open to all students from far and wide in a virtual setting !
In SUCCEED what children perceive as fun engagements are, in fact, carefully designed alternative learning environments that accelerate the learning of subject matter. All children benefit, not just a few. We measure success by improvement in self-study, self-regulation, self-efficacy, self-confidence, self-concept and academic self-concept.

Manoj Verma
Program Coordinator
City International School, Jaipur
: +919580681000
Calling: 7408400083.

Technical Difficulties?
Talk to Technical Head, Manish Srivastava
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SUCCEED After School-Register for Demo

‘Succeed’ is an exclusive extended after school program to support all age groups regardless of the medium and education board. We provide engaging learning spaces to give you extra support and also cover the gap in learning.

Under the expert mentorship of Dr Sunita Gandhi, Vice-Chairperson Indian Literacy Board, PhD. Cambridge University,City International School is starting SUCCEED After School Program. The expert team of educators, facilitators, coaches and subject experts, look forward to providing a concept-based learning program with regular diagnostic reports.

Sessions with students of similar orientation, learning needs and abilities shall be together. Hands-on activities and learning with fun makes learning complete. WE shall support every child to develop metacognitive skills as well as linguistics. Direct connect in LIVE sessions, similar age groups, the reformist pedagogy of the program provides for personalized attention to each student and make sure “No One is Left Behind”.

Well-designed modules and session schedules make the session a stress-free study space for each child. Activity-based gap fillers, surveys, live discussions, unlimited replies on problems, quizzes and more helps a child to keep himself attached to the program.

In this testing era of education with road blocks at every step, we assure you the much needed learner engagement in the otherwise idle after school hours of children

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