Target Plus

"Individualized analysis makes parents realize the personal attention given to their child by the school."

Anjali Johri Bangalore, India


Do our children have the information to compete with themselves?

  • TARGETPlus is a time and cost effective remedial and enrichment program that helps every student progress beyond his / her present best
  • A baseline survey determines the current level of a student. Personalised learning materials are assigned and the progress is measured. The learning materials are given as personalised homework
  • TARGETPlus reduces teacher workload and makes them feel supported in their role to improve every student's learning
  • TARGETPlus removes the need for tuition or coaching. It provides self-analysis, strategies and study materials that help students succeed more


  • Sure Success is a unique combination of smart strategies, personal development plans and study solutions that come out of personal diagnosis
  • Priority plans for the individual student pinpoint exacts strategies and development paths for success
  • On-line versions provide extra reinforcement and accelerate the gaining of marks
  • There is no better way to gain marks by all students


Progress Tools for Classes I to VIII Preparation for the Boards & beyond for Classes IX to XII (CBSE/ICSE/ISC & some State Boards)