Council of Global education

Educating for a better world

What has to be done to truly make the world a better place? Council of Global Education believes that education is the key and that each and every one of us plays an essential role in the education process.

The Council for Global Education provides a new framework for a comprehensive education of a child in the 21st century based on these four building blocks of education: Universal Values, Global Understanding, Excellence in All Things, and Service to Humanity.

A New Education Model

CGE believes that education in the 21st century needs to be radically different from the 19th century models of education we have become accustomed to. In this new model, called the Global Education Model of Schooling (GEMS), universal values are embedded in the framework of education itself. Becoming "good" or virtuous is given more importance than becoming "smart" or competent, though both are considered important aspects of education in this new century.

The Power of One

A single voice - your voice - is a powerful instrument for change. CGE believes every person has a stake in our children's future, and that everyone - not just teachers and parents - must participate in the education process if we are to leave the world a better place than which we found it.

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