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A PARENT'S WORKSHOP ON An Education We Want when the best is not enough...

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10-Key Questions Addressed are

  • What is a 'good' education that is best for my child and how do I know my child is getting it?
  • What should a parent expect from a 'good' school?
  • How can I bring out the best in my child and make him / her intrinsically motivated?
  • How do I make my child an independent learner?
  • What are the broader objectives in my child's upbringing?
  • How can the school and I reduce stress for my child and me?
  • How do I motivate my child and boost his/her self-esteem?
  • How can I bring out the best in my child's potential?
  • What does a good partnership between home and school look like?
  • What does worldwide research and evidence show?