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Geti in Action

The afore-mentioned guided practice with evidence was initiated in City International School, Lucknow. Teachers donned the role of scientists and conducted interventions in the classroom. They gathered data to see the influence of the intervention in student achievement & well-being. Below are a few glimpses of Innovative Interventions carried out by the teachers.

GETI Professional Qualification in Fundamental Skills

GETI Professional Qualifications in Fundamental Skills (PQFSs) provide a strong foundation, enrichment and a framework to support effective continuing professional development of teachers and leaders.

The program is designed to empower teachers with teaching processes and methods to bring out the best in each child. It helps teachers recognize each child as a perennial fountain of unmatched capacities and capabilities which with the right interventions can bring out the best in each one. It enables teachers to nurture positive self concept and high self esteem of self as well as children so as to empower them to achieve the fullest of their potentials by using positive languages and building growth mind-set. It supports for development of universal values, service-learning and life-skills in all students.

The training is geared towards individualized instruction for addressing learning needs and providing opportunities to create stress-free learning. Proven research-based processes and innovative methods of teaching help teachers create interventions to meet diverse needs of the class. Assessment methods based on the premise ‘Compete with Yourself’ rather than with others, emphasizes on progress and effort rather than grades. Personalised work plans and feedback techniques inspire each individual to introspect on effort put in and progress made.

The program supports each teacher to play the role of a scientist; collect evidence of influence of enriched classroom practices through training on classroom environment and student performance.

GETI’s aim is to help teachers develop their professional thinking and practice, and enhance the quality of their teaching and learning. Reflective practice is enriched by critical engagement with new ideas and approaches. This is also supported by collecting data on influence of such practices on academic performance of learners.